Corktown would not be made possible without the tireless efforts of the individuals from these organizations. Here we recognize the work that they do to improve our buildings, our lives, and our cities.

Slate Asset Management

Slate is a privately-held, global real estate investor, asset manager, and developer majority owned and controlled by its Partners. Slate is a global alternative investment platform focused on real estate, with over $10 billion in assets under management across Canada, the US, and Europe. Slate has a bold vision to reimagine the potential of properties, markets, or opportunities that others overlook, with the objective of creating long-term value for our investors and partners. Slate was founded with a relentless desire to do things differently. As entrepreneurs, our investors are confident knowing that their capital is in good hands as we treat each investment as our own, because they are. We challenge the status quo to find new ways to discover, create, and capitalize on opportunities that others do not. This means we have a duty to deliver in an agile and responsive way that our portfolio demands while never losing sight of the people we serve and the returns we strive to generate.

GSP Group

GSP Group is an employee-owned firm providing land use planning, urban design, and landscape architecture services to public and private sector clients throughout southwestern Ontario. From our offices in Kitchener and Hamilton, our staff of 50 professional and support staff offer a fully integrated service providing creative, collaborative, and innovative solutions to address community development needs and challenges. GSP Group undertakes the full range of planning activities from regional and local municipal planning, to community and neighbourhood level planning, as well as site planning. Our team offers extensive planning experience, and takes a comprehensive and supportive approach to understanding and preparing for responsible land use and community design, whether that is creating an entirely new place or revitalizing existing ones. We are shaping great communities.

Mason Studio

Based in Toronto, with a practice that spans the world, the interior design work of Mason Studio sits at the junction of art, science, and human experience. Founding Partners Stanley Sun and Ashley Rumsey bring international experience and a distinct perspective to the studio’s unique design process. Together with their team of design professionals, Sun and Rumsey work across scales and locations to create renewed perspectives of everyday spaces through meaningful interior experiences. Mason Studio’s work ranges from award-winning luxury hospitality, retail, and multi-unit residential design projects, to experimental exhibitions. With each project, Mason Studio seeks to enrich the lives of those who experience their work.

Janet Rosenberg & Studio

Janet Rosenberg & Studio (JRS) has been creating beautiful landscapes and intelligent urban spaces for almost forty years. Characterized by a dynamic and creative approach to design, a strong commitment to sustainability, and a sophisticated cross-disciplinary approach to projects, JRS is one of Canada’s most esteemed landscape architecture and urban design firms. The expansive and award-winning portfolio of JRS includes public, commercial, and institutional spaces, alongside private residential gardens, green roofs, and condominium towers. These ecologically-minded landscapes are conceived of in dialogue with their urban surroundings, and are designed to engage, excite, and enhance the quality of life of those who experience and inhabit them.

CORE Architects

CORE Architects is an award-winning architectural firm with over 120 architects and interior designers based in Toronto. Since our formation in 1994, we have quickly distinguished ourselves amongst our competitors by our innovative yet thoughtful design solutions.

The firm’s founding principals, Babak Eslahjou, Charles Gane, and Deni Poletti share a design philosophy that focuses on creativity, innovation and sustainability; and a business vision that is client-focused, that strives to maximize efficiency while meeting schedule and budgetary constraints.

Since our inception, CORE has been responsible for the design of over 160 condominium projects, 60 of which are in the downtown core of Toronto; 40,000 residential units; the urban-master planning for over 200 million square feet of residential development; numerous private residences, and a number of recreational and sports clubs, restaurants, hotels, resorts, office environments and over 1500 retail rollouts globally.

At CORE we are committed to incorporating environmental sustainability into planning, building design and construction. Our commitment is more than words. Our process incorporates goals to minimize resource consumption, optimize building performance, and promote the health of building occupants and users. We have the expertise to know what is feasible and how to achieve the greatest impact.

As responsible professionals we consider our projects as more than discreet objects. In our downtown projects we advocate appropriate densities that make best use of the site, support mass transit options and provide healthy living environments for people.  We practice sustainable design not just in terms of it’s environmental benefits, which are significant, but also because sustainable design is a highly marketable advantage for our clients.

Our ability to export and adapt design solutions and technical expertise have created real value for our clients as their projects achieved market success. This approach has resulted in a loyal and dedicated clientele that turn to CORE year after year for their planning and design requirements.

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